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2018 Course Orientation

The Course Orientation for newly enrolled students to the Program 'Nurture of Creative esearch Leaders in Immune System Regulation and Innovative Therapeutics' for the academic year 2018 was held as following:

Date:5th of April, 2018 from 15:30
Venue:Lecture Room One (Dai-ichi Kougi-shitsu), School of Medicine

    Dr Tetsuichiro Saito, Program Coordinator
G_Saito.JPG     Dr Shinichiro Motohashi, Program Sub-coordinator
    Dr Takashi Miki, Chairman of the Admissions and
     Curriculum Committee
    Dr Yutaka Tamura,
     Chairman of the Career Path Committee
    Other faculty staff:
     Dr Ryoji Yagi, Dr Akiko Suganami
    LGS Office: Takatsugu Iida, Yoshihiro Sase,
     Keiko Shirakawa Haldane, Yuko Fukuda
    7 New Students, 20 LGS Senior Students

The course orientation started with an address by Dr Saito, with Ms. Yukiko Yamaguchi (4th year member) in the chair, and each of the new students was presented with a certificate of having passed the entrance examination.


Of the 4th year members, Ms. Wakako Kuribayashi and Mr. Hiroki Furuya were given awards for excellent achievement.


The details of the curriculum were then explained to the new students by Mr. Yusuke Baba (4th year member), Dr Saito, Dr. Tamura and Dr. Yagi. Afterwards, the whole group including faculty members was photographed at the main entrance of the Graduate School of Medicine.


There were presentations by 3 students as follows, with Ms. Yuriko Yamazaki (5th year member) in the chair:

1)  Training program in San Diego, California 4th year Hiroki Furuya
2)  Training program at WHO 4th year Yusuke Isshiki
3)  Winter Camp 4th year Hiroaki Kanzaki

Then the following new students introduced themselves:


    Ika Nindya
    Maulana Antiyan
    Alimu Yikelamu
    Paul Sudip Kumar
    Kazuma Iida
    Manato Yasuda
    Yohei Yamauchi


We hope that this first gathering proved a useful guide for the new students.

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