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LGS 2019 Commencement and Awards Ceremony

"LGS 2019 Commencement and Awards Ceremony" was organized by the junior LGS members for celebrating the completion of most of the third year members and two of the fourth year members. They are the third graduated students from the Leading Graduate School program.

【3rd year members who have competed their PhD Degree】

1) MasanoriFUJIMOTO3rd ClinicalCell Biology and Medicine  
2) HiroyukiAMAGAI 3rd FrontierSurgery
3) Kokiladevi ALAGARSWAMY3rd MolecularOncology
4) RyoheiOTANI3rd Neurology
5) ToshioKANNO3rd Immunology
6) JinKUMAGAI3rd ClinicalCell Biology and Medicine
7) TakuyaNAKAGAWA3rd Otorhinolaryngology,Head and Neck Surgery
8) MamiNEGAWA3rd MedicalImmunology
9) MasashiFUKUDA3rd Allergyand Clinical Immunology
10) TakeshiSUSUKIDA3rd Biopharmaceutics
*Graduatedin September 2018 
11) YusukeISSHIKI4th ClinicalCell Biology and Medicine
12) MA MIN4th ClinicalNeuroscience


DATE : Tuesday, 26 March, 2019

    from 16:00

 VENUE: Large Conference Room,

    2F of the Main Building,

    School of Medicine


   Moderator Hiroki FURUYA

          4th year member

1) Congratulatory addresses

   Program Coordinator: Prof. Tetsuichiro Saito

2) Awards

   Best LGS Student AwardTakeshi SUSUKIDA

   Excellent LGS Student AwardMA MIN

   Excellent LGS Student AwardToshio KANNO 

3) Graduatedstudents 

4) Commemorative photo

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