Nurture of Creative Research Leaders in Immune System Regulation and Innovative Therapeutics: Leading Graduate School at Chiba University




2018-10-04 Advanced General Education: 11th Lecture: For those who create our future: My path to Stockholm
2018-09-21 Advanced General Education: 10th Lecture: The road to the K computer and future
2018-09-14 Advanced General Education: 9th Lecture: Music for health and wellness
2018-09-09 WHO, Geneva, Switzerland (2018)
2018-08-28 La Jolla, San Diego, USA 2018
2018-07-26 78th Leading Graduate School Seminar, SPEAKER: Akihiro FUJIMOTO
2018-07-20 Advanced General Education: 8th Lecture: Urban sustainability and life of dwellers
2018-07-17 77th Leading Graduate School Seminar, SPEAKER: Kouji MATSUSHIMA
2018-07-10 76th Leading Graduate School Seminar, SPEAKER: Yoichiro KAMATANI
2018-07-06 Advanced General Education: 7th Lecture: Interdisciplinary researches for advanced medical technologies and problems for their social implementation
2018-06-29 75th Leading Graduate School Seminar, SPEAKER: Yohei MIKAMI
2018-06-22 Advanced General Education: 6th Lecture: How should we understand health and disease?
2018-05-30 74th Leading Graduate School Seminar, SPEAKER: Hiroaki MITSUYA
2018-05-21 Advanced General Education: 5th Lecture: Soft Materials for Future
2018-05-16 Advanced General Education: 4th Lecture: Issues and prospects of Japanese diplomacy
2018-04-27 73rd Leading Graduate School Seminar,
2018-04-27 Advanced General Education: 3rd Lecture: Politics of Science and Technology
2018-04-20 Advanced General Education: 2nd Lecture: Nature is the Greatest Healer
2018-04-17 Advanced General Education: 1st Lecture: Leadership Learned from Sengoku Warriors
2018-04-05 2018 Course Orientation