Nurture of Creative Research Leaders in Immune System Regulation and Innovative Therapeutics: Leading Graduate School at Chiba University


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Students enrolled for the year 2019
Newsletter No.11 [Spring 2019]
Change in LGS Office Personnel
Newsletter No.10 [Summer 2018]
Students enrolled for the year 2018
Newsletter No.9 [Spring 2018]
Newsletter No.8 [Summer 2017]
Students enrolled for the year 2017
Newsletter No.7 [Spring 2017]
2017 Application Guidelines
Newsletter No.6 [Summer 2016]
Students enrolled for the year 2016
Program for Leading Graduate Schools: Announcement of midterm evaluation results by JSPS: A
Newsletter No.5 [Winter 2016]
Newsletter No.4 [Summer 2015]
Students enrolled for the year 2015
2015 Guidance Briefing

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2019-11-01 Advanced General Education: 11th Lecture: Tetsuo Nagano
2019-10-28 92nd Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker:Moshe Arditi, MD
2019-10-24 Advanced General Education: 10th Lecture: Akihiko Nakano
2019-10-10 Advanced General Education: 9th Lecture: Kazunori Kataoka
2019-09-20 Advanced General Education: 8th Lecture: Akira Yoshino
2019-09-10 91st Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker:Dr. John A. Chiorini
2019-09-10 90th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker:Dr.Masayuki Noguchi
2019-09-06 Advanced General Education: 7th Lecture: Endo Hiroyoshi
2019-08-29 89th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker:Junko Oshima, MD, PhD, FACMG, Professor
2019-06-28 Advanced General Education: 6th Lecture: Masanori Miyazawa
2019-06-06 Advanced General Education: 5th Lecture: Katsuhiro Nishinari
2019-05-22 Advanced General Education: 4th Lecture: Hiroyuki kato
2019-05-10 Advanced General Education: 3rd Lecture: Teruaki Fujii
2019-04-26 88th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: TAKAI Yoshimi
2019-04-19 Advanced General Education: 2nd Lecture: Takanori Ida
2019-04-12 Advanced General Education: 1st Lecture: Hitoshi Kuninaka
2019-04-05 2019 Course Orientation
2019-03-26 LGS 2019 Commencement and Awards Ceremony
2019-02-19 1st Chiba-Alberta Joint Symposium on Pharmaceutics
2019-02-07 Advanced General Education: 16th Lecture: Kiyoshi Kita, Nagasaki University
2019-02-06 Advanced General Education: 15th Lecture: Research on gravitational wave at Caltech
2019-02-02 5th LGS Winter Camp
2019-01-21 87th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Masaru ISHII
2018-12-17 87th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Ananda GOLDRATH (Canceled)
2018-12-07 86th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Hiroshi NISHINA
2018-12-04 Leading Forum 2018
2018-12-03 Self-initiative Overseas Training 2018 : CRCM, Marseille, France
2018-11-30 Advanced General Education: 14th Lecture: Embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Toward a "Reliable IT Society"
2018-11-30 85th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Alfred SINGER
2018-11-16 Advanced General Education: 13th Lecture: Psychology of justice and fairness
2018-11-15 84th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Moriya TSUJI
2018-11-15 83rd Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Yun-Cai LIU
2018-11-15 Boehringer Ingelheim Academy 2018