Leading Program

6th LGS Winter Camp


Purpose of “Winter Camp”

In this Leading Graduate program, we encourage exchanges between graduate students belonging to the program, away from the daily research and educational environment.  This is to enhance their discussion about therapeutics in the field of medical and pharmaceutical sciences and also to conduct training with the aim of discussing the global leader image and building future business plans.

The contents of “6th LGS Winter Camp” is following.  This year’s theme for the virtual business plan is “Japanese medical problems and solutions seen at Olympic Games Toyo 2020”.


Dates: February 1(Sat.), 2020

Venue: Lecture Room One(Dai-ichi Kougi-shitsu), The Main Building, School of Medicine

Program: LGS 6th Winter Camp Program

Planning and Execution: 【6th-year members】Kazuma Iida, Alimu Yikelamu

Participants: 12 Students, 18 Faculty members and Staffs, Total 30

*The 6th year members and 7th year members were divided into following two groups and presented their virtual business plan.

Group 1_DRONETS:  Kazuma Iida, Ika Nindya, Maulana Antiyan Empitu, WANG YANGSONG, Junichi Ishikawa, Hiroki Kano

Group 2_Smart DOC:Alimu Yikelamu, Paul Sudip Kumar, Terunao Iwanaga, Ayana Ishii, Motoyasu Kan

Photo of Participants


Group Award

Best presentation award

Broup 2: SMART DOC - Your medical advisor -



Individual Awards

MVS: Kazuma Iida

Best Discussion: Ika Nindya

Best Presenter: Maulana Antiyan Empitu