Development of Human Resources

Education for graduate school and postdoctoral fellows

We support Ph.D. students who are selected as G-COE RA (research assistant) graduate students cross-disciplinarily from among various Ph.D. students in the relevant fields and invite them to participate in this program. In addition to a supervisor, two other university teachers in a related field will be responsible for the education of the G-COE RA graduate students to thus provide them with comprehensive guidance.
A special grant for research (young scientist start-up grant level) will be provided to certain numbers of excellent students through the process of reviewing their research proposals. Furthermore, Annual Best Research Awards will be given to the most outstanding students in order to enhance their motivation. In addition, we will select and hire about 10 COE fellows. The Global COE Operation and Management Office will directly advise these students and evaluate their research reports. We have introduced the CVPP (Chiba Visiting Professor Program, an exchange program that enables students, young researchers and faculty to mutually visit each other, with 12 visiting professors and associate professors participating from abroad) based on our president's discretionary budget to enhance the education for Ph.D. students and young researchers in order to enable them to become more internationally minded. In addition, we will also expand the CVPP into a Global COE-CVPP by combining this program with other programs originally established by the Riken Research Center for Allergy and Immunology and the National Institute of Radiological Sciences.

Support for the independence of young researchers

We will appoint several COE independent young research associates, who can thus be assured to remain independent in terms of their research environment, thereby enhancing their promotion to Research Associate Professor or Research Professor (tenure track) at Chiba University, or Associate Professor or Professor (tenure) when they finish their research in three to five years. The Global COE Operation and Management Office is responsible for developing an effective career path strategy for those young researchers who desire to follow careers in other directions.