Outline of Research Activities

Research activities

In the Graduate School of Medicine at Chiba University, there are several domestically and internationally top-level basic researchers in immunology and allergology. There are also expert groups in clinical fields such as internal medicine, pediatrics, otolaryngology and dermatology, who are able to conduct highly advanced clinical research on allergy. In terms of the research in cancer, this Global COE Program follows and extends the 21st Century COE Program at Chiba University (2003-2007). We plan to eagerly promote basic research and establish a new field of therapeutics by focusing the following four projects. 1) Basic research on the immune system regulation, disease genomics, pharmacogenomics and drug metabolism, and based on the latest research evidence, 2) Development of preventive and treatment strategies for allergies by regulating immune system, 3) Development of immune cell therapy for cancer, and 4) Identifying the pathogenic mechanisms of cardiovascular inflammatory diseases. The outline of the research and staff members of each discipline are as follows;

(1)Immune System Regulation

(Nakayama, Tokuhisa, Hata, Tanigchi, Ohara)
These members will find new concepts in immune system regulation of immunological memory and those for the treatment of intractable immune disorders. They plan to analyze the mechanisms of immune system regulation by NKT cells, discover the strategies of the treatment of immune disorders including allergic diseases, and development of fundamental technologies such as humanized mice and Genomic analyses.

(2)Vaccine Development for Allergic Diseases

(Kohno, Okamoto, Nakajima, Matsue, Horie, Chiba)
These members will carry out research to develop treatment strategies for allergies by means of immune system regulation, and conduct clinical trails specifically targeting cedar pollen rhinitis. They will also study the drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics of new drugs.

(3)Development of Cancer Immunotherapy

(Okamoto, Tanzawa, Tsujii, Kamada, Nakayama, Motohashi)
This group will develop NKT cell-based immunotherapy targeting lung cancer and head and neck cancer, and some of these new treatments are expected to become available to the society. They will develop non-invasive new treatments such as a combined therapy with immunotherapy and heavy charged particle beams.

(4)Immune Regulation and Treatment of Cardiovascular Inflammatory Diseases - Control and Treatment by Modulating Immune System Cells

(Komuro, Nakajima, Bujo, Suzuki)
This group will elucidate the pathogenetic mechanism for cardiovascular diseases, in which the immune system is closely involved, such as arteriosclerosis, cardiac infarction and intractable vasculitis. These members will also conduct clinical trials aimed at the development of new treatments for these diseases.