From the 2008 academic year, Chiba University has started a Global COE Program named "Global Center for Education and Research in Immune System Regulation and Treatment". The program is jointly implemented by the Graduate School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University, RCAI (Riken Research Center for Allergy and Immunology) and NIRS (National Institute of Radiological Sciences). We aim at promoting research in immune system regulation and developing strategies for the treatments of intractable immune disorders by governing the regulation of immune system, and also fostering young researchers who will take leadership roles in the field of therapeutic research through this program. 17 program core members and a few coordinators mainly operate the program. In addition, various unique programs such as G-COE independent young research associates, G-COE postdoctoral fellows, G-COE graduate students, Annual Best Research Award and G-COE-CVPP (Chiba Visiting Professor Program) have all been established in order to sufficiently develop the human resources capable of playing active roles at international settings. Along with establishing a developmental system for creating world-level therapeutic researchers, transmitting new treatment strategies to the world, setting up Department of Immune System Regulation and Treatment in our graduate school, and accelerating translational research, clinical trails and drug trails, we would like to train outstanding personnel and produce leaders, who play critical roles in achieving those targets.

The details on topics of this program and recruitment will be introduced primarily on this website. I sincerely hope the students and young researchers, who are interested in our research and this program, visit our research center at Chiba University.

Toshinori Nakayama, MD, PhD
Program Leader
Chiba University Global COE Program
September, 2008